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Stanley Cup 2011 Dates


Here from are the schedules for each scenario of the Stanley Cup Finals. Regardless, they begin Tuesday in Vancouver. All times PT.


Tuesday, May 31 at Vancouver, 5:00 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS
Thursday, June 2 at Vancouver, 5:00 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS
Sunday, June 5 at Boston, 5:00 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS
Tuesday, June 7 at Boston, 5:00 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS
*Thursday, June 9 at Vancouver, 5:00 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS
*Saturday, June 11 at Boston, 5:00 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS
*Monday, June 13 at Vancouver, 5:00 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS


Tuesday, May 31 at Vancouver, 5:00 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS
Thursday, June 2 at Vancouver, 6:00 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS
Sunday, June 5 at Tampa Bay, 5:00 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS
Tuesday, June 7 at Tampa Bay, 12:00 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS
*Thursday, June 9 at Vancouver, 6:00 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS
*Saturday, June 11 at Tampa Bay, 5:00 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS
*Monday, June 13 at Vancouver, 5:00 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS

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Burke Is A Maroon

I was in a great mood this morning after a big win last night to move up to the A flight for the first time in 2 years and Melo going to the Knicks. Then I had to open the Toronto Sun sports section.

“Pugnacity, truculence, testosterone” had been the rhetoric out of Brian Burke’s mouth that made me want to puke until he recently started spewing his “we try to get out front of the trade deadline” bullshit. Are you kidding me? And the Toronto media is actually buying it while bowing at his feet again because he’s such a genius. Again.

If you look back at Burke’s trade log you’ll notice he doesn’t normally “get out front of the trade deadline” and in fact rarely makes deals in and around the deadline at all. I guess because of what he has done this year and because he made a couple of trades in late January last year he has now figured out how to get things going before anyone else, thus avoiding “all the confusion around deadline day.” At least that’s what he’ll tell you. Over and over again until you want to puke. Why do I even read or listen to this crap?

He did absolutely nothing as the GM of the Canucks except for landing the Sedin twins and dined out on that during his tenure in Vancouver. He inherited a good Ducks team that brought a Cup to Anaheim so of course he’s the best GM ever. Just ask him: “…but as everyone knows (because I keep telling them so it must be true), I try to get out in front of that day.” Go get Howard Berger to kiss your ass some more and shut the F-up and just do your job! Before, after and during Feb. 28. 7 years and counting…

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More Fun Facts

Casey Blake was drafted by the Jays…I can’t wait for Lebron to sign with the Knicks…In ’93 Gillick got Ricky from the A’s for Karsay & Jose Herrera, but the best deadline deal that year was the Marlins getting my old friend Sheffield & Rich Rodriguez from the Padres for Andres Berumen, Jose Martinez and some young RP named Trevor Hoffman…As you get ready for your NFL fantasy draft remember Shonn Greene had 5 more catches then my Mom last year…I didn’t think I knew an ass had muscles - Stupid Harden…Papelbon’s 6 HRs allowed already are the most given up in his career in any year & 7.5 is his worst ever K/9…1st HR ever given up by Moyer was in ’86 to Juan Samuel…Pence leads the NL with 15 infield hits…So far 2010 represents the fewest runs/game since ’92…95 pitches – 75 strikes/20 balls is SICK…NYY has yet to make an error with Vasquez on the mound this year…The 2006 Marlins hold the record with 4 rookie SPs winning 10+ each: Johnson, Sanchez, Nolasco & Olsen.
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Fun Facts

Matsui had a 16 pitch AB with the bases loaded to end the game on Sat. Wilson was barely able to protect another Lincecum win…Is there a better 1-2-3 of young SPs then Hanson, Gallardo & Liriano?...Wish I signed Weaver as a FA…Latos got a $1200 bill for fooling around with fans & tossing a ball over the stands in batting practice in SF. Broke the sun roof on Padre broadcaster Dave Fleming’s new car…Brewers are horrible at home. Check Braun’s home/road splits…Shrek 4 was fine, but I wouldn’t recommend it to kids under 6. It was closer to 3 then 1 or 2, but the 3D was cool…Jerry Manuel will be fired very soon. If the Mets were smart they’d hire Trey Hillman. Hope he’s managing the Jays in 2011…Oliver Perez vs. Strasburg June 2 in Buffalo…Flu-like symptoms are a hangover…Mariners DH slugging .206…Halladay is going to pitch 260 innings…Heilman is the only D-Back RP with an ERA under 6.00…Actually heard this week on the Cubs radio broadcast with nothing else in between: “Oh my! Oh boy! Oh my gosh! I don’t believe it!!” Have to love Ron Santo.
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Live Chat & Canucks

When reviewing some Live Scoring Chat (If you don't check this feature out you are missing some good comedy and an easy way to keep in touch with your fellow owners.) last night I could not help but notice some delusional owners out there. Why is so hard to make a deal this time of year? Every team still thinks it has a chance, or is hoping they can believe the big lie, even in Washington, where everybody ought to believe in franchise euthanasia.

Okay, so I stole that last line from a Blog at the Chicago Tribune. It still holds true in fantasy baseball as it does in MLB. Teams can't talk themselves out of the race this early in the year so the fire sales won't start until later. Whether you use Memorial Day, Father's Day or Canada Day as your date it is only a matter of time before you have to look in the mirror and face reality.

And on another note from my league's chat last night I could not participate in as I watched Roberto Luongo choke, was the fallen Canucks. Game 4 was the obvious turning point in the series, but I told a friend yesterday the number one line had to step up and it would be nice for Bobby Lou to steal one which he had not done all series. Well at least the twins & Alex Burrows showed up.

I would have bet anyone $1,000,000 that if the Canucks out shot the Hawks 38-30 they would win. I would also have bet another million bucks that if the Hawks got 30 shots they would not score 7 goals. Thank goodness I am not a wagering man anymore and I don't have $2 million lying around.

Can you see Luongo playing for Canada at the Olympics now? A .900 save percentage for him is a bad game and last night he was at .767. He puts up a .870 and we're going to Game 7. That loss is all on him and he should be crying for letting his teammates down. It is utterly shameful to be outplayed by a has-been Russian.

Hopefully the Swedes have a BBQ & sauna this summer and decide to come back for another run together next year. And they rip the "C" of somebody's mask!

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I did some quick PECOTA stat runs to find out based on their current 2009 projections which hitters are now off the juice. Good thing drug testing is working.

C Navarro
1B Berkman
2B Uggla
3B Atkins
SS Peralta
OF CB Young/C. Jackson/Byrnes
OF B. Giles
OF Willingham
DH Ortiz

At least they won't be getting 50 gamers.
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Me Want Wildcard

There is no way the Blue Jays can keep this start going and stay atop the AL East let alone contend for a the wildcard. They have yet to play the 3 teams in their division that were in everyone’s top 5 preseason rankings in the Red Sox, Yankees, and Rays. I say hogwash!

What is hogwash anyway? It’s the water that is leftover after washing a pig and I say that is exactly what anyone spewing the diatribe the Jays can’t contend is drinking. The Red Sox are definitely for real and I am prepared to concede the division to them right now. I say the Rays & Yankees have serious flaws and are currently overrated. I want the wildcard. Why can’t we have it?

The rotation currently has a 29 year old rookie, a rookie with 1 career MLB start, a guy better known for his handle bar moustache, a Cy Young award winner and Rob Ray. Are you kidding me? This rotation looks like it could be in Las Vegas (with exception of playing over his head Richmond & Halladay) in a month and this is where the good news comes from.

Romero & Janssen are currently on rehab stints and Litsch is not far behind. You hope 2 of these 3 go into the rotation within a month and 1 of Cecil or Tallet can hang in until something else emerges. Like Pedro. But that is a rant for another day!

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Jays Pen Keys Strong Start

Scott Richmond is the 14th Canadian to play for the Jays…

…Since June 20, 2008 Cito Gaston & the Toronto Blue Jays have the best record in all of baseball and 18-9 ties the best start in franchise history back in ’92.  The Jays won their first 5 (and then 6) series to start the season for the 1st time ever. How are they doing it?

I say the biggest reason is their bullpen. 3 Jays relief pitchers threw 16 of 18 pitches for strikes last Sunday and they are doing what you are supposed to do coming out of the pen. Throw strikes and get guys out. All one has to do is go look at the Cleveland Indians pen and see how a bad start can be traced back to a bad pen doing the opposite to what the Jays are doing.

J.P. Ricciardi is much maligned by the Toronto media (and me) for his arrogance and the fact that he is in the 7<sup>th</sup> year of a 5 year plan that has resulted in no playoff appearances or anything close to a pennat race. One thing (and maybe his strength) he has done is bring relief pitchers in that nobody wanted and then they become quality short inning guys here. Does anyone remember when he stole Accardo from the Giants for Hillenbrand?

Probably the best case in point is current Jays closer Scott Downs who JP brought in off the scrap heap. He bounced around before coming to Toronto where he’s currently the anchor of one of the best relief corps in baseball. Stay tuned to see how this turns out, but don’t look now as JP has another guy down in Triple-A pitching lights out in relief. How soon can Jonah Bayliss be up to help the big club?

What did WAMCO stand for on the ’93 Jays? The top of the Jays order that year was Devon White, Roberto Alomar (on the 2010 HoF Ballot), Paul Molitor, Joe Carter & John Olerud.  

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